Fire extinguisher cabinets

Fire extinguisher cabinets

DUAL is an innovative box that fulfils all the different needs of the firefighting sector. This cabinet may be used as double extinguisher cabinet, hose reel cabinet, hose cabinet, personal protective equipment (PPE) cabinet, First Aid equipment cabinet, fire equipment cabinet and so on.

For fire extinguishers with a diameter of 150/170 mm.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Regon 6. Fit for extinguishers with diameter 150- 170 mm.


Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Regon 9. Fit for extinguishers with diameter 150-170 mm or 170-190 mm


Kibox is a practical box equipped with three key hooks. Kibox is made of ABS, a material that makes the product extremely resistant to shocks and scratches.
It can be used as a spill kit, sand box, grit box, pick-up box etc.


ReinoldMax fire extinguisher cabinet is light and strong. It's a perfect match between price and quality. Simple eye catching design, shaped smooth and modern as possible. Since this fire extinguisher cabinet has straps inside, it may be used not only in buildings but also in vehicles like trucks, tractors or harvesting machines.

Fit for 4-6 kg powder fire extinguishers

Elegant storage option for fire extinguisher. Easy to use, highly visible. Ideal for public places, such as malls, hotels, gas stations, airports, hospitals or schools.