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We woud like to present our new fire extinguishing spray ReinoldMax 750 Premium. This new product is more efficient than its previous predecessors in effectively extinguishing fire ratings of 5A, 21B and 5F. Test were successfully done at MPA Dresden (Germany) laboratories. This new ecological product was created thanks to new advance technologies and is made for protection against starting fires in household environments. Read more



We present you ReinoldMax fire extinguisher, essential for every home. It’s becoming more and more popular because of multiple advantages it has. You will easily find a place for ReinoldMax in every home and every room. There is a risk of fire everywhere. You have something highly combustible. Nontoxic materials make Reinoldmax nature friendly. ReinoldMax is your professional fire guard, it will help you in all kinds of accidents. 

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Fire can destroy your house and all of your possessions in minutes, and it can reduce an entire forest to a pile of ash and charred wood. It's a terrifying weapon, with nearly unlimited destructive power that kills more people every year than any other force of nature... read more… 


Reinoldmax StopFire


Fire extinguishing spray ReinoldMax extinguishes all sorts of fires: solid combustibles, fabrics, flammable liquids, fats, electrical devices, fires in vehicles, outdoor fires. Fights fire in a safe 3-4 m. distance. Compact and easy to use. Non-toxic, does not affect your health. Strong cooling effect. Long shelf life.

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